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20.01.2013 written by blaa, 2013-01-16 10:24 CET (0 comments)

First tournament in 2013:
Date: 20.01.2013 (sunday)
Time: 19:00 CET (german, polak, czech time)
Format: 3v3, single elimination, best of 1, maps chosen by eliminating maps.
Maplist: Airtime, propaint1, shazam22, wobluda, pbcup_sassault
Servers: European, provider will be clear in a few days.
Sign up: Fun teams allowed. Sign up by saying your team in this thread or in IRC, I am in #paintball and #team_qehs
IRC: Be in IRC atleast 15 minutes before start of the tournament. All server details will be handed to team representative in IRC.
Website: http://timetravelers.tourney.cc/sign-ups/ [timetravelers.tourney.cc]

Additional Information:
I'll explain tournament format and how excrement works for those who haven't participated in tournament before and for those who are dumb as intercourse and forget excrement.
Single elimination-You lose to an enemy, you out of the tournament.
Best of 1-Only 1 map will be played.
Map elimination-Both teams will eliminate 2 maps from the maplist. Play the one remaining.
Final-In the last match, bo3 will be played. This means both teams will pick a map and if tie map is needed then they will each eliminate one map and play the one remaining.

Help wanted
Want to help run and promote this tournament?
*Promote this tournament in public servers where you play.
*Ask people to check this tournament out in forums.
*Form a team yourself.
*Also, I might be afk from friday to sunday, so I could use some help from somebody (to add registered teams to the tournaments site and help answers newbies questions during the tournament and simple stuff like that)
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