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Pickup Tournament!!! written by blaa, 2012-03-11 17:21 CET (0 comments)

Date: 08.04.2012
Time: 18:00 CEsT (18 for germany, 17 for uk, 19 for finland)
Maplist: airtime, ub_cliff, shazam33
Server settings: respawn 15 seconds, elim game mode, otherwise normal match. I haven't signed any papers yet, but we will probably use iceys servers Smiley.
Sign ups: Sign up here [dplogin.com]
IRC: All players must be in #team_qehs IRC channel for the cup!

Yeahhh, another timetravelers cup! This time no clans can enter. Only players. Players with more experience, who want to become the captains, will pick themselves two teammates for the cup, from the sign up list. The picking will take place just before the tournament.

The maplist is as simple as possible, to reduce the importance of recon. The respawn time is 15 seconds to increase the amount of time everybody can be shooting at eachother. The game mode is ELIM so everybody shoots at eachother.

As this cup is a decent way to introduce inexperienced players to tournaments, then I would thank everybody who would go through the effort and do their best at promoting this cup! Advertise ingame, invite your friends, get old players to play again. Whatever, let's make it big!
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