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KandSandq written by blaa, 2012-01-09 18:11 CET (0 comments)

Date: 22.01.2012
Time: 18:00 CET
Format: 3v3
Maplist: pbcup_sassault, oth, pbcup_pbsanctuary, zephyrus_b3, nml
Max teams: 8

Number of matches for each team is 3. So all places are played.
To make things easier to understand:
Lose first map-play for places 5 to 8. Lose seond match again play for 7th or 8th place. Win first, lose second, play for 3rd or 4th place. Win first, second and third match and you are the tournament winner.

Map picking is done by eliminating maps. That means, both teams eliminate 2 maps and play the remaining map from the mappool. A mapchange login will be given for each team captain.
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