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06.06.2010 written by blaa, 2010-06-01 07:21 CEST (1 comments)

Date: 06.06.10
Time: 20 CEST, 14 EST
Maplist: pbcup_2fort5, sassault4_b2, nml, badlands, kfields
Format: 3v3
Servers: Both american and euro. Which server will be used according to who has better ranking.
Register: PM me or any other q member @ irc, PM Myers, or post here.
Teams: 8-16.

Each team will receive a preliminary 'ranking' (amount of points). Each time you lose, you lose those points as well, each time you win, you gain points. So in first round these points act just like the seeding system (better team has the server advantage). But during the cup, weaker teams can prove us (the admins who made the seeds) wrong and in the end have better ranking and get the server advantage. Since this is only used for the server trouble, this will not be accurate. I will not use some ELO algorithm or anything. Just do them by heart. For example: win=+20p, lose=-20p. Nothing too fancy.
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