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Hey written by blaa, 2010-04-15 16:52 CEST (2 comments)

Date: 24.04.2010 (caturday)
Time: 16:00 CEST
Format: Tournament style (everybody play everybody) or groups if more than 5 teams.
Website: http://timetravellers.tourney.cc [timetravellers.tourney.cc]
Servers: ic3y's

What is a pickup cup and why?
Pickup cup is a cup where predetermined captains will pick their team from those players who have signed up.
Why - because I think there would be 0 or 1 teams who could have 5 players online at once.

Will clarify the captain picking/player picking later.

Maplist: pbcup_pforest, hellsurvivors, myland_ctp, pbcup_renoir, crimethink, darkages, ub_rooftop, urbann_b2, zen_europaint
Signing up: If you want to play, you have to register an account @ timetravellers.tourney.cc (that account will also let you play in any other tourney.cc tournament).
Checking in: ~1 hour before the cup to until 5min before the cup you have to check in (just click on a button) on the same website.

Captain wannabes: myers, rocky, endtell
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